(Containerized) Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems

Brackisch and seawater treatment for the daily usage of any and every clients wish. The water quality is excellent after the treatment of raw seawater of 45000 mg/l to drinking quality.


Containerized Desalination Systems

Containerized (RO) Desalination units to serve the client with the possibility to station the plant on a remote or suitable location to purify the incoming seawater into sweetwater for the daily consumption.


MBR/MBBR STP & Grey Water Treatment Plants

MBBR “Moving bed biofilm reactor” (STP) plants for the treatment of incoming domestic (waste) water on a daily base to reuse the treated water for irrigation or even for flushing (greywater) usage on each clients request.

Sustainable Water Treatment & Desalination

Worldwide Environmental Innovations

Our Partners

SWT Solutions provides mobile desalination- and (MBBR) STP plants to larger clients. It designs, builds, installs, operates and maintains them for the client.